Simple Vs. Compound Microscope

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Differences between Simple and Compound Microscope

Simple Vs. Compound Microscope

S.N. Simple Microscope Compound Microscope
1 Simple microscope is used at a basic level, where there is no rigorous requirement of research. Due to an added lens to a compound one, professionals use this for research purposes
2 There is single lens in simple microscope. There are 3 to 5 objective lenses in a compound which helps in magnifying algae, fungi and bacterium.
3 Has only one lens for magnifying objects.


Has two sets of lenses for magnifying objects: eyepiece lens and objective lenses
4 Its total magnification is limited to the magnification of the single lens used. Its total magnification is the multiplication of the eyepiece and objective magnifications, hence a higher magnification.
5 Condenser lens is absent. Condenser lens is present which is used to adjust the intensity of light for magnification of object.
6 The usage of course, hooks, and knobs is not that much. The use of knobs is much, which help in focusing and as a result, a clear and concise image is seen.
7 Light source is natural Illuminator is a source of light which is helpful when small, minutest pieces needed to be seen.
8 Stand is small, hollow cylindrical attached to the base and is used to hold the microscope. Arm is curved and is used to hold the microscope.
9 Mirror is concave-reflecting type. Mirror is plane at one side and concave at other side.
10. Has only one adjustment screw that is used to move the limb up and down for focusing an object. Has coarse adjustment screw (for rapid focusing an object) and fine adjustment screw (for fine and sharp focusing).
11 Can only be used in simple ways such as enlarging small letters while reading.


Has a wide range of use such as in studying the structure of different objects, e.g. details of cells in living organisms.           


Differences between Simple and Compound Microscope

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